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Opening of health center

Unforgettable day for the people living KOMO , a neighborhood, of Yaounde located in the fourth arrondissement. This population will not have to travel several thousands kilometers to find the health and well being. 
This is now possible , thanks to the NGO Active Youth & Entrepreneurship Cameroon, who opened a health center to care residents of this area, because a healthy man is a man who can produce more for his countries. 
For the head of neighborhood this ititiative is laudable and encouraging , for this relief to have a health center in proximiter. 
The representative of head of a distrit of yaounde 4 this is a big step towards the millennium goals for development. He provides the NGOs to provide assistance for future achievements. 
The health center includes: 
a waiting-sallle 
- A consultation room 
-room hospital 
-a delivery room 
-a laboratory and a pharmacy  


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