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Save baby and mother live in Cameroon

We want: - Avoid or reduce the abortion rate of pregnant girls early; - Eliminate homicides through abortions, and newborn babies abandoned in the streets from birth or even thrown in the garbage by their progenitor; - Allowing infants of poor and disadvantaged families to benefit from post-natal consultations by paediatricians ; - Abolish the phenomenon of forfeiture of the young mother and her offspring in hospitals and health center . - Promote the right to life of children. 
What is the issue, problem, or challenge? 
Nearly 1,000 women die each year in Cameroon because they want to give life to many other Cameroonians. if it's not she who dies is the new baby .Many women and girls from Cameroon give birth without prenatal visit.Some women were lack of means forced to aborted, others give birth and leave the newborn in the trash because of the lack of accountability of perpetrators of those fat. Other women and young mothers are forfeited at the hospital or in health center because they fail to pay the bills. 
How will this project solve this problem? 
The young mothers and their children, young pregnant women, and clearly identified from poor families will be cared for in hospitals or health centers identified in our network. Active Youth Entrepreneurship roles will be to monitor and support these young women to receive antenatal and postnatal order to have a healthy baby. The association will contact a pediatrician who will care for the health of newborns registered in hospitals and health centers of our street-network when they are sick . 
Potential Long Term Impact 
This initiative will go forward to providing sustainable education services for 300 women, pregnant girls at high risk, nearly 500 children and newborns for 900 annual patient visits.This action will promote primary health care among young mothers and newborns,also allow securer newborns in hospitals this will reduce theft of baby in many establishment of healths. 
Project Message 
I fell pregnant, the author of my pregnancy declined his responsibilities. I went from difficulty to difficulty. Nine months after I gave birth an stillborn without any medical examination. 
- Kampa Trusille, project leader and Vitim woman 


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